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CASILLA DE COSTA REAL ESTATE S.L. has adopted the measure and security levels of personal data protection demanded by the Organic Law 15/1999 of 13th of december, of personal data protection and its development regulations. The personal data taken from this website may be objets of automatic treatment and may be added into a CASILLA DE COSTA REAL ESTATE S.L. file, that likewise it is responsable of this file.
The form compliance included in this site or the mailing delivery or another tipo of comunications to CASILLA DE COSTA REAL ESTATE S.L. entails the clients approval to the inclussion of their personal data in the related automaticed file, property of CASILLA DE COSTA REAL ESTATE S.L.
The client can exercise his rights of acces, modify, cancelation and refusing in accordance with the Organic Law 15/1999, of 13th of december, of Personal Data Protection and rest rules to apply for it, by the mail delivery of a request to info@casilladecosta.com. This request must be send with the name and family name of user and an ID copy.

Data Collection

The personal data collection will be done just and exclusively by the form posted in the CONTACT section and by the emails that clients can send to CASILLA DE COSTA REAL ESTATE S.L.

Personal Data transfer to third parts

CASILLA DE COSTA REAL ESTATE S.L. doesn´t sell, rento or give in any other way information or personal data from its clients to third parts.

Protection Data and Security Policy Changes

CASILLA DE COSTA S.L. keeps its right to modify its security policy and data protection in a discretionary way, in any momento and without previous notice, always in accordance with the spanish regulation currently working in personal data field, with effects of the publication date of this modification in this website.


Anonimous browsing and cookies uses

CASILLA DE COSTA S.L., holder of www.casilladecosta.com obtains and keeps the following information about our website users:
1) The supplier domain name (SPI) and/or IP address that gives them access to the net. For example, a user of XXX supplier will be identified just with the domain xxx.com and/or the IP address. In this way we can make statistics about countries and browsers that visit more often our website.
2) The date and time of the access to our website. That make us know the time with the biggest affluence and make adjustments to avoid saturation problems in our rush hours.
3) The internet address from the link that goes to our website. Thanks to this datum we can know about the effectiveness of our banners and links that aim to our browser, with the object of maximize the ones that offer the best results.
4) The number of daily visiors of each section. That help us to know the most succeeded areas and improve the content, with the objective that users get a more satisfactory result.
The information obtained in this way is completely anonimous and under no circunstances can be associated to a specific and identified user.
The pages in our websie use cookies, which are small data files that are generted into the user´s computers and that allow us to get information prevoiusly defined. The user has the chance to prevent the cookies generation by the corresponded selection on his browser. However, the Company doesn´t make responsable that the deactivation of themself prevents the good work of the website.