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top 10 playas de España

Fuerteventura and Punta Cana unite to each other

August 21, 2018

According to ondafuerteventura.es, today 21 August has sealed the twinning between the two islands.

mas mas

Twinning between cities seeks to strengthen the union among its citizens, based on friendship and the exchange of experiences.

The president of the Insular Corporation, Marcial Morales, the mayor of Antigua, Juan José Cazorla, and the mayor of the municipal tourist district of Verón-Punta Cana (Santo Domingo), Ramón Antonio Ramírez, subscribe the twinning between the Cabildo de Fuerteventura and the tourist district Verón-Punta Cana. Read more

Wonder Woman 2 en Fuerteventura

Hollywood returns to put their eyes on the dunes of Fuerteventura with Wonder Woman 2

August 20, 2018

The digital magazine of the audiovisual sector, includes in its edition of August 14 a report on Fuerteventura as a stage for Hollywood blockbusters.

mas mas

According to ondafuerteventura.es, it specifically focuses on the partial shooting of Wonder Woman 1984, whose team has been working on preliminary preparations for weeks on the island. Under the title 'Fuerteventura is included into the Hollywood blockbusters', the report begins by noting that 'Hollywood has returned to put their eyes on the dunes of Fuerteventura.' The Fuerteventura territory has become a natural setting for the great cinematographic productions and a demand for the producers for the fiscal incentives offered by the Canary Islands. Several majorero locations will make up some of the scenarios for the filming of the movie Wonder Woman 2. The heroine film Wonder Woman will once again be starring Israeli actress Gal Galdot, who has revealed in international media that 'this second installment does not consist of a continuation of the first', but it is an independent film of its predecessor and with its own history.

The report joins other recently published in specialized media, the last of them, the prestigious American publication American Cinematographer, who named Fuerteventura island as the scene of a part of the locations of Han Solo.

Viviendas sostenibles Casilla de Costa

Sustainable housing: fundamental aspects

August 8, 2018

Sustainable architecture optimizes resources and materials, as well as reduce energy consumption. It must promote the use of renewable energies, thus reducing waste and emissions.

mas mas

According to pisos.com reports, the Spanish building park is responsible for more than 31% of greenhouse gas emissions. The use of energy efficient materials in the rehabilitation and construction of new building is essential for the residential sector to grow without endangering the environment. True sustainable architecture is one that satisfies the needs of its occupants without jeopardizing the future benefit of future generations.

Isolation: the cornerstone of efficiency
One of the main issues related to sustainability is to adapt the home to the optimal parameters of thermal and acoustic insulation. The actions are aimed, for example, at providing the building with passive fire safety, guaranteeing its durability and minimizing maintenance and cleaning costs. With an adequate thermal and acoustic installation, comfort in the home is guaranteed, since the ideal temperature is maintained and annoying noises are avoided.
Regarding the use of materials, from Isover say that, 'we must bet on mineral wool, which can offer the best results of thermal and acoustic insulation for any type of wall or facade.'
The thermal insulation allows a room to stay warm with a minimum heating consumption. 'It is possible to save up to 90% on the energy bill, this reduction of energy consumption is essential to preserve the environment', commented from Isover. As for acoustic insulation, the key is in the double glazing of the windows, thanks to which 'you can maintain an optimal thermal sensation in winter and you can halve the entry of direct solar energy in summer,' they admit.

It is necessary to stop wasting water
Building sustainability also relates to water and its smart consumption. Presto Ibérica developed a system that avoids wasting water and time while waiting for the arrival of the hot flow to the taps.
On the other hand, the storage and reuse of gray water also means between 50% and 80% of savings. The water discharged during the showers can also be reused, achieving a saving of 30% in the consumption of water for a house.

Breathe healthy air at home
The quality of the air inside the home is also presented as a key issue. Sometimes, stale and contaminated air can come from outside if it has a high rate of contamination. For this reason, it is necessary to renew the air and the existence of mechanical ventilation systems for the home. Thanks to the application of these innovations, the air that is breathed inside the buildings is fully beneficial for health, providing a clean and comfortable at all times.

top 10 playas de España

A guide to Spanish mortgages

July 9, 2018

what Spanish mortgages are available to expats and how to apply

mas mas

Since the Spanish housing market collapsed in 2008, an oversupply of residential properties has remained unsold or returned to the market due to foreclosure and prices have plummeted.

Although property values are not expected to reach pre-crisis levels until Spain’s housing oversupply is absorbed, the OECD reports Spanish property is undervalued by 26%, making Spain a cheap place to invest. Read more

Fuerteventura eficiente

Fuerteventura opens its first roundabout with photovoltaic lighting

May 7, 2018

The Cabildo of Fuerteventura has installed 12 solar panels in the roundabout located at the intersection of roads FV-30 and FV-416

mas mas

It is the first roundabout on the island whose luminaries are supplied only with solar energy, thanks to the placement of 12 photovoltaic panels, which generate a power of 2.8 kWp.

'With this type of action we move forward with the goal of Fuerteventura following a system of renewable energies, in this case with a roundabout with perfectly sustainable lighting,' explains the president of the Cabildo, Marcial Morales.

Read more

avistamientos en Fuerteventura

Maximum protection for cetaceans in Fuerteventura and Lanzarote

May 1, 2018

The sighting of cetaceans is one of the most demanded tourist activities offered in the archipelago, which was visited in 2017 by more than 16 million tourists.

mas mas

The ecosystems that surround the islands are of great environmental importance, so during last March, the Spanish Senate has approved a motion to defend the populations of cetaceans and turtles in the waters of the tourist islands of Lanzarote and Fuerteventura The Life IP Intermares Project studies the population of this type of animals in the Canary Islands and the expansion of protected areas.Read more

Conexiones Fuerteventura Europa

Canarias establishes twenty new air routes

April 15, 2018

Promotur Turismo de Canarias has published a new call for the Flight Development Fund that includes up to twenty international destinations

mas mas

The selection of the routes responds to a work of analysis and consensus between Tourism of the Canary Islands and the insular entities of promotion in function of strategic interest, its potential viability and the absence of previous connectivity in those routes.

Thus, the routes could link the islands with Austria (Lanzarote-Vienna), Slovakia (Gran Canaria and Tenerife with Bratislava), the United States (Gran Canaria-New York), France (Lanzarote-Lyon), Italy (Lanzarote and Gran Canaria with Naples, Tenerife-Bari, La Palma-Milan), Poland (Fuerteventura-Warsaw), Portugal (Lanzarote-Lisbon), United Kingdom (La Palma with Edinburgh, Newcastle and Glasgow), Romania (Fuerteventura-Bucharest), Russia (Fuerteventura and Gran Canaria with Moscow and Tenerife with Saint Petersburg) and Switzerland (Tenerife-Berne and La Palma-Basel). Read more

Fuerteventura TripAdvisor

The beaches of Fuerteventura, among the top 10 beaches in Spain

February 23, 2018

The top 10 best beaches in Spain organized by Trip Advisor dedicates this year several of the spots to the beaches of Fuerteventura island.

mas mas

According to the classification of the biggest touristic website in the world, the beaches of El Cotillo (La Oliva) and Sotavento occupy the 5th and 6th place, followed by the beach of Cofete in the 8th. See ranking

As every year, this internationally known ranking offer a list of the best rated beaches by users for its beauty and quality, in which for the fifth consecutive year the Island of Fuerteventura occupies at least one of the 10 places, reaching the title of 'Best Island of Spain' in 2014 and second place in 2015.

Buenos pronósticos para el sector inmobiliario

Casilla de Costa launches the commercialization of isolated villas

January 29, 2018

It begins the commercialization of Costa Tinaya isolated villas

mas mas

Costa Tinaya is the promotion that gives its name to the 54 isolated villas which the promoter Casilla de Costa Real Estate has started to build and that will be commercialized in 3 phases. The project, which was in the study phase, begins this January and includes the construction of 3-bedroom villas on 2 levels with private plots of up to 500m2.

Buenos pronósticos para el sector inmobiliario

Casilla de Costa, energy efficient housing in a period of recovery of the real estate sector

January 17, 2018

After the improvement of the Spanish real estate sector and the increase in the number of tourists in Fuerteventura, the homes that respect the natural and protected environment of the island become a smart choice

mas mas

According to Idealista, the most important real estate portal in Spain, Canarias is one of the areas that has experienced the highest price increase in 2017: for rent, with 22.5% more than 2016, and 11.4% for used housing, according to the Idealista pricing report. The lack of newly-constructed properties and the notable rise in tourist apartments are some of the reasons. In this context, the promoter Casilla de Costa Real Estate will build in 123 hectares on the island of Fuerteventura 216 apartments and 44 chalets. The first phase has already delivered 48 keys.

The houses of this project have been built with materials that allow greater sustainability, such as insulation, water recycling or alternative ecological energies such as Aerothermy, consistent with the environment of the island, and reach to get the average of energy efficiency certificates type B.

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Buenos pronósticos para el sector inmobiliario

Forecasts for the real estate sector in 2018: more homes and more expensive

January 10, 2018

The purchase and sale of new houses and their prices will grow a minimum of 4.7%

mas mas

www.elpais.com informs: The housing market in Spain closes the year 2017 with a very good note and enters a 2018 that, according to forecasts, will be even better. Prices, sales, mortgages and new construction visas, as well as rentals and returns have grown more this year and have drawn a clear recovery and normalcy scenario.

For the first time since 2006, the sale of new homes has grown and financial entities are relaxing the conditions for mortgages, as the Bank of Spain recently stated. In addition, mortgaging is cheap: the average interest rate was 2.67% in October, the lowest of all the historical series of the INE that started in 2009.

Read more

Fuerteventura mejor isla para kitesurf

Fuerteventura, among the 13 best places in the world for Kite Surfing

December 26, 2017

According to National Geographic magazine, Fuerteventura island is the first destination in the world to practice kiteboarding.

mas mas

The conditions of the winds and waves on this island make it known worldwide by lovers of water and wind sports, so the island of Fuerteventura has been selected as the first of the 13 destinations worldwide for performs kitesurfing, ahead of destinations such as Maui, in Hawaii, Babaomby, in Madagascar; Esauria in Morocco or Cabarete in the Dominican Republic.

The publication also adds tips for athletes who decide to go to the island to enjoy its excellent conditions for practice from May to September.

'About 60 miles from the coast of Morocco, the beaches of Fuerteventura feel like outposts in the ocean, in the middle of the rocky desert of the island. While it is popular among European tourists, Americans are few and far between, 'reads the magazine in its description of the place.

Presencia de Fuerteventura en Europa

Fuerteventura, increasing its presence in Europe

november 13, 2017

There are already many European countries where the island of Fuerteventura is presented as an essential destination for sun and beach holidays.

mas mas

In this last month, the company Jet2 has become the main tour operator that operates from the United Kingdom, which since last November 7th is being promoted in the World Travel Market in London, with representation from 185 countries, more than 4,500 exhibitors and 51,000 visitors.

Another important operator, Der Touristik, started promoting Fuerteventura island before of 8,300 travel agencies in Germany last summer. And the trend continues growing: the Baltic tour operator Novaturas, in cooperation with Promotur Canarias, has launched a campaign to promote the island in Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia and in other countries such as England and Ireland, the initiative is mainly activated by digital media.

Following this trend, it is expected that next year 2018 Fuerteventura will once again beat its historic record of tourists to the island.

Inversión inmobiliaria en Fuerteventura

Housing as an investment method to rent increase to 7.1%

November 4, 2017

Las Palmas de Gran Canaria stands as the first autonomous community in Spain with the highest return on investment in housing for rent.

mas mas

According to a study by Idealista, in the third quarter of the year the profitability offered by homes has reached 7.1% from 5.9 registered a year ago thanks to the increase in rental demand.

Las Palmas de Gran Canaria has obtained the highest profitability (8%), followed by Lleida (7.5%), Sta Cruz de Tenerife (7%) and Alicante (6.7%). However, from July to September, business premises have been placed as the most profitable option with 8.3% compared to 7.5% in the same period last year. See more here.

logo Casilla de Costa

Casilla de Costa in progress

September 28, 2017

The first delivery of the Costa Ancor apartments starts in Casilla de Costa

mas mas

After completion of the urbanization works for the first phase of apartments in Costa Ancor, the final step consists of the conditioning of exteriors by planting and landscaping common areas.

The final step: the delivery of the first luxury apartments in Casilla de Costa

Fuerteventura rises as one of the destinations with the highest number of tourists in Spain

Fuerteventura rises as one of the destinations with the highest number of tourists in Spain

September 15, 2017

During 2016 Spain welcomed 61 million foreigners, according to Eurostat, of which more than 90% stayed in the Spanish coast.

mas mas

Tourism in Spain accounts for 11% of GDP and is established as the first industry in the country. Canary and Balearic Islands, Cataluña, Andalucia and Valencia were positioned as main destinations, but is the absence of seasonality what differentiates the Canary Islands from the rest.

In Fuerteventura the constant mild weather is an incentive to travel to the island at any time of the year. The area of Pájara is one of the 2 municipalities of Spain with more tourist concentration of the country and one of the places with more tourists by inhabitants: one by each inhabitant.

In addition, according to Blas Acosta – Fuerteventura Tourist - 'Being a destination all year allows better use of infrastructure and generates constant activity. Jobs are more stable and tourism is in all productive sectors. (...) The tourist sector is starting to emerge from the crisis In Fuerteventura, and the cities in Pájara and La Oliva are the ones where more jobs are being created in the Canary Islands'.

logo Casilla de Costa

Casilla de Costa in progress

August 23, 2017

Finished the construction of all apartment blocks in the first phase of Costa Ancor

mas mas

The exteriors of this promotion also begin to be completed with gardening.
The first phase of detached villas in Costa Aday is built at 85%.

XXXII World Cup Windsurf and kiteboard Fuerteventura 2017

August 10, 2017

As every year, the most acclaimed event by windsur and kiteboard lovers takes place in the South of the island, where water conditions and strong winds become essential elements for 15 days of Championship filled with excitement.

mas mas

For Freestyle, there were 58 competitors from among the 30 nationalities and in which seven-time world champion José Gollito Estredo and 10-time world champion Sarah-Quita Offringa returned to shine with light Winning the first prize in this windsurfing freestyle.

Frenchman Antoine Albeau for his part won the Fuerteventura windsurfing World Cup, in his modality of slalom, and already has 24 world championships won.

In addition, the Cape Verdean, with Italian flag Airton Cozzolino, was champion in the form of Strapless of Kitesurfing, whereas the Australian Keahi D Aboitiz that did it in the modality Best Trick.

The World Cup Windsurf and Kitesurf is organized by René Egli-Meliá Hotels and has the collaboration of the City of Pájara, the Tourist Board and the Cabildo of Fuerteventura.

The presence of renewable energies in Fuerteventura will reach 60%

August 4, 2107

From the Council of Industry of the Cabildo of the island, has developed a study plan that allows the maximum energy, water and mobility autonomy for Fuerteventura, while generating the minimum environmental impact.

mas mas

Thus, by the year 2038 the Island could have a new energy system with a presence of renewable energy in the electrical system of 58.25% and a total level of energy self-sufficiency of 43%.

For the development of the research, the temporary scenarios of the years 2013, 2026 and 2038 were taken into account.
According to these data, in 2038 Fuerteventura could aim to reduce by 46.55% of fossil fuel dependence as well as a 15% saving in electricity generation costs, a 50% saving in mobility costs with electric cars and a saving of 46.55% in fuel costs and greenhouse gas emissions. According to fuerteventuradigital.net.

EasyJet incorporates five new routes to its connections with the Canary Islands

August 1, 2017

The low-cost airline has decided to promote on its web new flights to Milan, Paris, Naples and Geneva, from 30st October.

mas mas

Specifically, routes will be between Fuerteventura and Milan (with a frequency of 2 days a week); Fuerteventura and Paris; Tenerife and Paris; Tenerife and Naples; As well as Gran Canaria and Geneva and will rise up to 38 their connections between the archipelago and the mainland.

In its commitment to Spain as a key market, the airline expects a growth of 11% by 2017 in Spanish territory, which means doubling the growth achieved in 2016. In addition, during last May, EasyJet increased by 9.5 % Of its passengers compared to the same month of the previous year, to 7.5 million passengers, according to the British airline in a statement.

Real Estate investment in Spain rises 70% in the first half of 2017

July 11, 2107

The closing of the first semester includes very positive data for real estate investment.

mas mas

The volume of real estate investment in Spain closed the first half of 2017 with a 70% increase over the previous year. According to estimates by consultancy JLL, the private sector market has increased 188% compared to 2016. In the case of residential investment, the closing of the semester represents an increase of 136%, above the 780 million euros.

For its part, the investment volumes in offices and hotels have risen 55% and 69% respectively. JLL forecasts that the sector will close the year with very positive figures, and estimates an investment for 2017 higher than 1 billion euros, up from 819 million investment in 2016, according to reports at www.elperiodico.com

More connections between the islands and less costs in transport

July 7, 2107

Air Europa joins the air connections between islands. The transport between them supposes a reduction of 65% regarding the price of 14 years ago.

mas mas

There are several airlines that choose to operate flights between the Canary Islands, the last one, Air Europa, which will start operating from October competing with Binter and Canaryfly. This has been announced by the company in an official communiqué according to the Canarias7. With this initiative it intends to carry out a progressive increase of frequencies and the incorporation of new routes within a year to be divided into 3 phases.

It should also be noted that transport between islands has been reduced by more than 65% in the last 14 years thanks to the increase of discounts and trade policy.

Traveling from Fuerteventura by air to Gran Canaria for example cost 37.35€ in June 2003, which have reached 2017 with a value of 47.73€. Right now it is possible to do it for 13.29€ (including management fees and airport charges). That is, you pay 72% less if you get the cheapest ticket. The saving is situated at 47% if you have to pay the most expensive.

Recently the 75% discount for the inter-island transport of residents in the Archipelago has entered into force. Today we pay for the journey between the capital islands 75% less at best, 57% at worst. In the set of routes by sea or air the reduction exceeds 65%. According to reports www.laprovincia.es

Fuerteventura: 2017 Coca-Cola Destination

July 3, 2107

The number 1 drinks brand in the world chooses Fuerteventura to be promoted it in Europe.

mas mas

Starting this summer, Fuerteventura will be one of the 30 destinations chosen by Coca-Cola in its 'Feel the Summer' campaign, which will be active during the summer months and intends to raffle trips between all its customers through coupons which include their packaging.
According to the Cabildo president, Marcial Morales, 'promotions like this help to keep up the standard and beat record of tourists every season'.

Seven international scientific organizations choose Fuerteventura to know an adequate management of the soil

June 26, 2017

Fuerteventura Island has been chosen as an example of adequate soil and water management within the first World Conference on Soil Conservation and Waters for Global Change.

mas mas

For this reason, representatives of 7 international scientific organizations have visited several places on the island, including the Dunes of Corralejo, to analyze the success of producing food in an arid environment with adequate soil and water management. According to reports www.ondafuerteventura.es

Fuerteventura and Brussels will have regular flights with Jetair from next January 2018

June 21, 2017

From January every Wednesday there will be a regular flight

mas mas

TUI airline Jetair has established Fuerteventura as one of the main destinations for a new Boeing 737 with a capacity for 189 people.

Eight blue flags on Fuerteventura this Summer

May 17, 2017

Four of those flags are placed in La Oliva

mas mas

Specifically Grandes Playas de Corralejo, La Concha Chica, Charco de las Agujas and Corralejo Viejo will be the beaches of La Oliva that will hang their blue flag. Another three are located in Puerto del Rosario and one more in the municipality of Pájara.

The jury of the environmental program 'Blue Flag' has granted eight badges in Fuerteventura, two more than last year. This is an award awarded annually since 1987 by the European Foundation for Environmental Education to beaches and ports that meet a series of environmental conditions and facilities, according to ondafuertevenura.es.


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